CBS Tuesday 10pm
debuts October 4, 10pm
Indianapolis prosecutor Annabeth Chase (Jennifer Finnigan) has a perfect conviction record against suburban bad guys who commit horrible domestic crimes. She also has a brand-new baby, and the mommy track cost her a promotion. Her tough new boss (Kimberly Elise) worries that Annabeth is now making decisions with her hormones. cbs.png
stars Jennifer Finnigan, John Carroll Lynch, Kimberly Elise, Christian Kane
producers Jim Leonard, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Simon West
studio Warner Bros. TV, Jerry Bruckheimer TV
i opine...
It might be pitched as "Suburban Law." Jennifer Finnigan plays a prosecutor (and new mom) in, surprise, the 'burbs. I guess Jerry Bruckheimer is giving the city a rest this season. It'll boil down to how procedural the show is (we're getting to the peak for procedurals) and whether or not you like Jennifer Finnigan. Takes over the "Judging Amy" slot, so in a way, it's got a built-in audience.
the breakdown
  I don't know, since there's really nothing that stands out in the premise. Slot competition isn't really heavy, CBS might be very happy with a Top 25 showing. Surprisingly, CBS/Viacom does NOT have a financial interest in the show, but it gives Bruckheimer an unbelivable six hours on CBS' sked.
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